Production of individual inserts

What is an individual insert

An individual earbud is a sample made from a cast of your ear, which is placed in the ear canal or in the ear canal and the auricle and connected to the hearing aid by a special tube.

The shape of the inserts can be channel, semi-channel and full sink.

They exactly repeat the shape of the ear canal and the human auricle and are the subject of individual use. Since there are no people in the world with the same ear shape.

Eight reasons to order an individual insert.

1. It sits securely and comfortably in the ear canal.

2. Significantly reduces the likelihood of hearing aid loss.

3. Helps to significantly improve the transmission of sound to the eardrum.

4. Prevents feedback (whistling), which interferes with hearing and irritates the patient and others.

5. In the individual insert, you can make ventilation and the desired length in accordance with hearing loss.

6. Strong and durable (designed for 5 years of operation).

7. Easily inserted into the ear canal.

8. It is indispensable for a complex configuration of the ear canal and a large hearing loss.

Materials for the manufacture of an individual insert.

For the manufacture of an individual earbud in our hearing center, only high-quality materials from the German company Egger are used, which fully meet European standards.

You can order an individual insert at any branch of our Hearing Center.