Selection of hearing aids


Determining the degree of hearing loss is the first step for selecting the device


To make the right decision whether you need a hearing aid or not, you need to contact specialists who will conduct the necessary examinations and determine the degree of hearing loss. Only after the diagnosis of hearing, a decision is made about the need for treatment or selection of a hearing aid. When contacting our Hearing Center, qualified specialists will inspect the auricle and ear canal for the presence of: earwax, plugs, surgical interventions and postoperative defects, perform differential diagnosis of hearing using speech and tuning fork tests. Before selecting hearing aids, tonal audiometry is carried out – a study to determine the thresholds for the perception of tones by air and bone conduction, using special high-precision medical certified equipment manufactured by Otometrics, Denmark.


Wide inmodel selection – the opportunity to choose the best hearing aid. 


Based on the data obtained and the patient’s preferences, the choice of a specific hearing aid model will depend on many factors:

  • the degree of hearing loss;
  • the degree of speech intelligibility;
  • the age of the patient: a child’s hearing aid or a hearing aid for an elderly person;
  • type of hearing aid- behind the ear, intra-ear, pocket;
  • personal preferences – invisible in the ear, the so-called “invisible hearing aid”, with additional functions or accessories.

The Hearing Center provides a wide selection of more than 500 models of hearing aids for any degree of hearing loss. The hearing prosthetist will select several suitable models for comparative, individual, computer tuning of hearing aids.


It is important for us to take into account your preferences so that the selection of hearing aids is as correct and accurate as possible. Therefore, try to answer the specialist’s questions accurately.

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Individual adjustment of hearing aids


With the help of a special computer operating program, the parameters of hearing aids are adjusted:

  • total volume level;
  • gain level in each of their frequency channels;
  • compression ratio in each of their frequency channels;
  • microphone directivity:
  • noise reduction;
  • MPO – maximum sound pressure level and other parameters.

The hearing prosthetist corrects the volume and naturalness of his own voice and activates the feedback manager to eliminate the annoying whistling of the hearing aid.

To test the necessary amplification and more precise tuning, we conduct speech tests and measurements of hearing aid parameters on a real ear using a special REM (real ear measurement) device, in accordance with European standards. The measurement on the real ear confirms the correct setting of the hearing aid for the most effective and comfortable use.

For new users of hearing aids, our specialists provide detailed advice on adaptation and teach the skills of proper handling of hearing aids. As a result, you will receive answers from an expert in hearing prosthetics to the following questions:

  • How to use hearing batteries correctly?
  • How to quickly get used to a hearing aid?
  • How to restore speech intelligibility as much as possible and improve your hearing?
  • How to use a hearing aid with additional wireless devices?
  • How to connect a hearing aid and an iPhone or smartphone?
  • How to properly care for hearing systems using Cedis products?
  • How often do I need to take my hearing aid for preventive cleaning?
  • How to increase the service life of hearing aids with the help of electric drying chambers?

The HEARING CENTER company has a loyalty program, a flexible system of discounts and installments without interest for up to 12 months. All hearing aids are provided with an official warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 12 – 24 months.

The Hearing Center performs hearing diagnostics and selection of hearing aids for children of any age, adults, elderly patients. For the selection and adjustment of hearing aids, please contact only the manufacturer-certified centers of hearing prosthetics and hearing rehabilitation. Take care of your health!