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For more than 10 years, the medical Hearing Center has been taking care of patients with hearing loss in all regions of Ukraine. The HEARING CENTER is an authorized representative in Ukraine of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids SONIC, Earnet and Helix, as well as the official distributor of the German manufacturer of audiological equipment “PATH Medical“.

Our goal is to provide qualified medical care to patients with hearing loss of all ages, to maximize their adaptation and receive the joy of communication in the family, at school, at work, in society.  

We are grateful to you for trusting the team of qualified professionals of the HEARING CENTER to take care of your health.


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Our services

The HEARING CENTER company offers a wide range of specialized services for the diagnosis of hearing disorders in children from birth and adults, their further support and rehabilitation with the help of modern hearing solutions

Hearing diagnostic for kids

Computer audiometry, tympanometry, auditory brain potentials - ABR, ASSR, otoacoustic emission

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Hearing diagnostic for adult

Computer audiometry, impedance measurement, tympanometry, determination of acoustic reflexes

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Selection of a hearing aid

Selection of modern models of hearing aids in accordance with the hearing loss of patients on the latest equipment

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Doctor's home visit

Doctor's home visits to diagnose the patient's hearing on modern portable equipment

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Custom earplugs

Production of individual earplugs from hypoallergenic materials made in Germany

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Guarantee. Service. Repair

Warranty and post-warranty service and repair of all kinds of hearing aids

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There are always more than 500 models of modern digital hearing aids, batteries for hearing aids of all types, earplugs, earplugs, and other accessories

In - the - ear

In the ear hearing aids are miniature devices that are placed inside the ear canal. They are invisible and allow the patient to lead an active lifestyle, play sports or dance. Compact and excellent sound quality – the main advantages of in-ear hearing aids.

  • compactness
  • quality sound
  • not noticeable in the ear
  • modern design
  • modern technologies
  • Price from 5500 UAH.
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Behind the ear

The most common and used models are behind-the-ear models of hearing aids. They are used for mild, moderate, severe and deep hearing loss. Reliable, easy to use. Modern design, new technologies and classics of hearing prosthetics are combined in these devices.

  • modern design
  • reliability
  • excellent sound quality
  • protection from moisture and dust
  • easy operation
  • Price from 2599 UAH.
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Pocket hearing aids are indispensable for very elderly people with limited motor abilities. Large parts, a finger battery, the possibility of hearing replacement with one device for both ears are the main advantages of these hearing aids. Pocket hearing aids are also used for people, in which only the bone conduction of sound is preserved.

  • binaural hearing with one device
  • reliability
  • bone conduction
  • finger battery
  • for moderate to severe hearing loss
  • Price from 2400 UAH.
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For kids

Modern hearing aids with a children’s tuning formula, the function of transferring frequencies to the audible area. The latest technologies for speech extraction, increased reliability, the ability to control the device from the parents. These devices are able to provide normal hearing and speech development in a child with hearing impairment.

  • excellent sound quality
  • modern design
  • connection with gadgets
  • protection from moisture and dust
  • frequency transfer function
  • Price from 20999 UAH.
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No hearing aid can function properly without batteries. Modern zinc-air batteries №675, №13, №312, №10 provide high-quality performance in behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids.

  • eco-friendly
  • reliable
  • compact
  • shelf life up to 4 years
  • smooth operation
  • Price from 65 UAH.
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Our doctors

Our team of professionals consists of more than 30 qualified ENT doctors, audiologists and hearing prosthetists. We will solve any task assigned to us

Ryabtsev Alexander


A leading expert in the field of pediatric and adult otolaryngology, surdology and hearing prosthetics

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Katerina Loktionova


Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs

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Potapenko Igor

The surdologist

Specializes in hardware and computer diagnostics of hearing in children and adults

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Vasilishina Victoria

The surdologist

Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss

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Current news in the field of diagnostics, treatment of hearing, hearing aids and hearing prosthetics


There are branches and partners of the Hearing Center in all regional centers and many cities of Ukraine. Call or email us right now and we will definitely provide you with professional help!